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Crockett County Public Library

Crockett County History

 History of Crockett County Book Cover    "A History of Crockett County"  DVD

Originally published in 1976, the History of Crockett County chronicled the development of Ozona and Crockett County. Although the printed book is no longer available for sale, a DVD which includes the complete contents of the original book is available for purchase from the Crockett County Historical Commission. It may also be purchased at the Crockett County Museum for $50.00 

There is also a printed copy of the book available in the research section of the Crockett County Public Library. There is no charge to use this resource, but it may not be checked out.

 "A History of Crockett County" Book  Volume II - You can be a part of it!

The Crockett County Historical Commission is gathering info, pictures, family stories and articles to go in a new updated book on Crockett County History.

Please feel free to download the following forms and tips sheets to help you get your family history info organized to be included in the new book.

Downloadable Historical Information Forms:

Historical Commission Memories
Historical Commission Interview Questions
1930 Depression Questions

Submit your completed information to the:

Crockett County Historical Commission
P.O. Box 1317
Ozona, TX 76943

The CCPL Has New Hours!

The Crockett County Public Library has new hours:

9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

You are also welcome to use our cloudLibrary app to read digital books. Contact us at 325-392-3565 for login information.

Social distancing guidelines below are being followed.

Wear a mask or plastic shield when in the Library.

Use sanitizer station.

Keep six-feet distance from others.

Stay home if you have symptoms or appear ill.

Only 8 persons maximum in the Library at a time.

Only 4 computers are available.

Computer users are allowed 30 minutes maximum use.

Computer usage is limited to: work, school, business, personal administration or banking. NO GAMING or ENTERTAINMENT USAGE.

Place all books in the "Drop Box" located on the north side of the building. 

Please conduct business as quickly as possible to limit contact with other patrons.

Patrons should limit the amount of touching of library materials when browsing the shelves.


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