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Crockett County Public Library


Staying Healthy


FDA Food Safety Page
Filled with information about how to keep your food safe and healthy. 

CDC Body & Mind
Get tips on staying physically fit, strengthening your mind, and staying clear of diseases. Also get help with relieving stress in your life.

Dealing with Feelings
Feeling depressed? Thinking of running away? Get help with dealing with your feelings in this helpful site with tons of relevant topics for your life.

Kids’ Medical Dictionary
Have you ever had an Otitis Media or visited an Otolaryngologist? Find out what these and other strange medical words mean.

Health for Girls
Contains relevant topics for girls as they are growing up and maturing into adults. Site has articles on puberty, hygiene, nutrition, and fitness.

Even More Food Safety
Games, quizzes, comics and more teach you about how to keep your food safe!

Promote Good Health and Break Bad Habits
The mission of the C. Everett Koop Institute at Dartmouth is to advance health and well-being to protect the public health and prevent disease.


Being Safe

Kid Safety 
Get tips on being safe on the Internet, staying healthy and other interesting information.

Street-Smart Kids
Do you know how to be safe around strangers, when you're out in town and at school.

FBI Kids Safety
Be safe online.