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Crockett County Public Library


Science Buddies Careers
Learn about careers in science, inventors and scientists, play games, and discover all kinds of new things!

Science for Kids Around the World
The home of science and technology on the Internet for kids around the world. Enjoy fun science experiments, play games, get ideas for science projects. This is just the beginning of the wonderful things you will do at this site.

Weather Wiz Kids
Learn what makes weather wet and wild, do cool activities, and become hot at forecasting the weather.  

Robotics Information 
Links to help you understand more about robots, building and designing robots, ways to organize your tools and more!

Newton's Laws of Motion
Explore Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion, three basic principles that explain how forces affect objects. Developed over 300 years ago, these laws have stood the test of time!

Science for Kids
This is a free online science network where you can enjoy and have fun with articles, worksheets and even a quiz on each section. You will find cool games, videos, worksheets and lots more to help you understand many different topics in science.