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By Land

Federal Highway Transportation Administration
Learn about the America's Highway Systems.

America on the Move 
Learn about the history of transportation in America at this informative Smithsonian website.

Fun Vehicle Facts for Kids 
From trucks to trains, boats to busses, plains to parks, this site has loads of information about all kinds of transportation vehicles.

By Air

The Wright Brothers
Learn about these two brothers and their amazing invention which changed the world of transportation forever. 

Amelia Earhart
An in-depth history of this world-famous aviator's amazing life. It depicts her early years in aviation, her fame, and her fateful last flight.

The Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics
Everything you need to know about aerodynamics, propulsion, rocketry, and even kites. There are lots of useful knowledge for both beginner's and novices.

Aviation Education
The sky's the limit with games, puzzles, photos, videos and more - all about aviation!

BY Sea

Water Transportation Encyclopedia
Find definitions, explanations and connections about many kinds of water transportation vehicles.

Water Encyclopedia Science and Issues
Learn about the history of water transportation from its earliest days.

Sea History for Kids
Sea History for Kids is full of interesting facts about a wide variety of all things maritime.

Facts about Boats
All about boats, from history to safety tips, Science for Kids Club can help you learn about boats.